The law school application process is complex and time-consuming – and requires the best of you. Applawz® explains each step, gets you organized, helps you set and meet deadlines . . . and gives you a little encouragement along the way. 

“Preparing for law school is a scary and long process. That’s why I use Applawz to track my progress. It makes it much easier!”  – Chris, junior

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There are tons of free online resources out there about applying to law school. It can be a little overwhelming.  So here’s some more!  But seriously, at Applawz®, we really want to help you navigate all the twists and turns. And we will give it to you straight and hopefully have a little fun along the way. 

Click Resources to find all kinds of free info in short, digestible amounts. We do update this periodically with more stuff, so check back every couple of months.

Pre-Law Advisors:  These materials are all available as Word docs you can download, edit, and use however you want. 


Applawz® reinforces and enhances your advising by giving students the tools they need to plan, stay organized and on time, and successfully navigate the law school application process.


Does your law school or organization sponsor a pathway program?  Whether your program is two days or two months, online or F2F, Applawz can complement your curriculum:  leverage your impact by helping your participants stay organized and on track before, during, and after your program. 


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Do you know someone (a daughter, niece, grandson, friend, second-cousin twice-removed … basically anyone that you care about) that is applying to law school? Because just applying to law school is a challenge. It’s a complex process, with lots of moving parts. It takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, and can be incredibly stressful. But achieving this goal – and going to law school – is life-changing.

Applawz® was inspired by students who have been through the law school application process and is based on their experiences. Applawz® helps applicants plan for and manage all of the pieces of the process.

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If you are thinking of using Applawz®, you probably want to go to law school, so here is some full-on “lawyer-ese” for you:  Applawz, part of Professor P Enterprises, makes no promises, representations, warranties, or guarantees, expressed or implied, that your use of Applawz will improve your LSAT score or improve your chance of being admitted into any particular law school.

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