Top 3 Books to Help You Ace the LSAT

Studying for the LSAT can be overwhelming. The stakes are high and the online information about prep courses is endless.

One of the most common – and relatively cheaper — ways to prepare is purchasing LSAT prep books. But before you buy, check your local library! Occasionally they have these books on their shelves. 

Using a book like this can be very effective, but it requires a lot from you. You have to be super disciplined and actually use the books! Putting the book over your face when you are sleeping does not work. (RATZ!!)  We recommend that you start with one book, and then purchase a different one as you get deeper into your studying. 

Make sure whatever book you use was published in the last 2 years.  

Based on recommendations from students who have successfully applied to law school, we compiled a list of our favorite LSAT study prep books (in alphabetical order). These books are available for purchase through several different websites, so shop around for the best prices.


Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Plus

Kaplan is one of the big test prep companies out there. In addition to their courses, they offer this test prep book that includes study plans, learning strategies, access to digital practice tools and online workshops, and tons of practice questions.


The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide for the Self-Driven Student by Mike Kim

Students rave about this book. It offers 200 practice questions with the answers fully explained, strategies for all 3 types of questions, unique drills to help you develop the skills you need, and all kinds of organizational tools.


PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

Each book in this series covers one of the three types of questions (logical reasoning, logic games, and reading comprehension) and provides you in-depth techniques to recognize question types and solve them all. These books also teach how to manage your time while you are taking the test, which is critical for getting a strong score. These are some of the more expensive books out there, but students say they are worth it!

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