Changes to the LSAT in August 2024

Through June of 2024, the LSAT will have the 3 types of multiple-choice questions:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning (the logic games)

It is a little confusing because the Logical Reasoning section is NOT the logic games section. The section called Analytical Reasoning is the infamous logic games.

Through June of 2024, when you take the LSAT, there will be 4 sections with questions, one Reading Comprehension, one Logical Reasoning, and one Analytical Reasoning.  These 3 will all be scored.  Then you will get one more section with one of these types of questions that is unscored for a total of 4 sections. This additional section is sometimes referred to as the “experimental section,” because this is how the LSAC develops and tests questions for future LSATs.

In August of 2024, the Analytical Reasoning questions – the logic games – are going away.  There will still be 3 scored sections, one Reading Comprehension and two Logical Reasoning sections. There will still be a fourth section, an experimental section, that is not scored, that will have questions from one of these two types.

So starting August of 2024, no more logic games on the LSAT!


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