AI & Applying to Law School

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is rapidly affecting legal education and the profession. Law schools and the American Bar Association are talking about this and have already recognized that AI can be a valuable tool – if you know how to use it.  It can also lead you wildly astray and make you look like a fool. 

AI and ChatGPT are also affecting the law school application process, especially the writing of personal statements and other addendums. 

Every law school application process is going to be different.  Some law schools will not care if you use AI.  Some will ask you to disclose if you used AI.  Some will compare your LSAT Writing to your personal statement to see if you used AI to write your personal statement.  Some will prohibit you from using AI to create any part of your application; if they do ban it, take this seriously. You do not want to start your law school career by cheating on your application.

Be sure you carefully read every law school’s policy on the use of AI when you are creating your applications. In fact, read their AI policies BEFORE you draft your personal statement and other addendums.

It can be very tempting to use ChatGPT or other AI platforms to help with your law school application, but you need to be very careful. 


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