A Friendly Heads Up

If you were a star student in high school and college, you need to be mentally prepared to face the fact that you might not be in law school. 

Many law schools use curves, meaning only a certain percentage of students can get As, a certain percentage can get B’s, etc. Many law schools rank all the students in a cohort. For example, if your entering class had 150 students, after your first year, you will be ranked compared to your fellow students out of 150. 

This is really important to understand, because some scholarships you might be offered are dependent on you maintaining a certain GPA or class rank. This can be extremely difficult. So be sure to read the fine print for any scholarships you are offered.

But beyond that, the challenges and intensity of law school are often a shock to most people. Getting a grade that is lower than you expected or are used to can be really hard and super stressful.

But don’t give up! Remember that you were admitted for a reason; law schools admit people they are confident will succeed. Pretty much everyone around you is going through the same thing.


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