Applawz® reinforces and enhances your advising. Applawz® encourages students to really think about why they want to go to law school and then helps them understand what it takes to apply. Applawz walks students through every step of the process from creating their LSAC account to deposit fees and commitment forms (and thank-you notes). It helps students develop a plan and stay on schedule, so they can come to you better prepared.

The Applawz® Resource Center has links to Word docs you can download, edit, and use however you want to help your students.


Applawz® helps students practice the skills you want them to have, like time management, attention to detail, and organization. They will learn how to break down major projects into smaller pieces to achieve their goals. For example, one of the features in Applawz® is a customizable calendar function that students can use to schedule study-time for the LSAT.

What Your Students Get with Applawz®

Applawz® was created by a professor with over 10 years of experience as a Pre-Law Advisor and was inspired by her students.


  • a customizable calendar so students can stay on track (especially helpful for scheduling LSAT prep!)
  • a step-by-step explanation of each part of the law school application process
  • a to-do list with check-off functions that break down the process into small, achievable pieces
  • a place to write notes
  • a spreadsheet to organize a list of schools
  • pop-up applause when students finish major tasks to keep things a little bit silly (Applawz. Applause. Get it??)

Institutional Packages for Pre-Law Advisors

As a Pre-Law Advisor, you can purchase access to Applawz® for your students at a reduced price. When you purchase a package, you will be emailed a unique code within 3 business days that you give to your students so they can create an account. You have one year to distribute this code to your students before it expires. Once a student creates an account, they have access to Applawz® for 2 years (one application cycle and a little extra). 

Try a starter package with access for 10 students at a huge discount for only $50!


Package Quantity

Cost for Individual Memberships

Cost with Discount for Pre-Law Advisors

10 gift cards$250$50
25 gift cards$625$199
50 gift cards$1250$349
75 gift cards$1875$449
100 gift cards$2500$499

 Contact us at for deals on more than 100.

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