Did Someone Give you Applawz®?

Did you get a gift card or code from your pre-law advisor or someone else who is rooting for you?

To redeem your code, click on the yellow Get Applawz® button, select Redeem Gift Card and then enter your discount code (look for the fine red print).


Do you know someone (a daughter, niece, grandson, friend, second-cousin twice-removed … basically anyone that you care about) that is applying to law school? Because just applying to law school is a challenge. It’s a complex process with lots of moving parts. It takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, and  can be incredibly stressful. But achieving this goal – and going to law school – is life changing.

Applawz® was inspired by students who have been through the law school application process and is based on their experiences. Applawz® helps applicants plan for and manage all of the pieces of the process.

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Get Applawz®
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