In the spring of 2019, Professor Palmer took some of her students out for a dinner of plantains and pulled pork, and they talked about the law school application process. Some of the students were applying to top 20 law schools all across the country, while some were excited about law schools in their home towns. They all had different goals, but there was one thing they all agreed on: applying to law school was stressful and took a tremendous amount of time and money. There was so much to think about and plan. And the process was an emotional roller coaster.

Applawz® was inspired by that conversation. Professor Palmer wanted to create something to help students manage the law school application process, but she also realized that they needed more than that. They needed a little encouragement along the way. They needed applause.


Professor Creates App for Students Applying for Law School.  Spectrum News 1 met with student Madelyn P., who — like you — is dreaming of going to law school. She’s using Applawz to help make her dream come true. Meet Madelyn and learn more about how Applawz® works.

BW Students Inspire New App to Untangle the Law School Application Process.  Students like you are the reason Applawz® exists!  They inspired the app and played a major role in its development and beta-testing.  Learn more about how Applawz® can help you (and get a little applause along the way).

Pre-Law Help in the Palm of Your Hand.  Learn why Professor Palmer created Applawz and about her journey to become a professor and pre-law advisor.

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Image of Dr. Barbara PalmerApplawz® was created by Dr. Barbara Palmer, a university professor with over 10 years of experience as Pre-Law Advisor & Director of Legal Studies at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, where she has worked with over 250 students interested in going to law school. Many of these students are the first in their families to go to college and the first in their families to go to law school. Every student she has worked with has been admitted to a law school of their choice.

Barb is a member of the Midwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors. She teaches courses on American politics, constitutional law, civil rights & liberties, women & politics, and gender and the law. She has published articles in Sage Research Methods Cases, Judicature, PS, and the American Political Science Review. She is a recipient of the Erika Fairchild Award, presented by the Southern Political Science Association Women’s Caucus to a faculty member with a strong record of service, commitment to students and teaching, service to the profession, and a collegial spirit.

Her expertise has also been featured in podcasts, webinars, and a wide variety of local, national, and international media, including the Associated Press, C-SPAN, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, HuffPost, The Atlantic, Vox, The Weekly Standard, Minnesota Public Radio, The Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com, Sky News (Great Britain), and Die Zeit (Germany). For over 20 years, she has been a featured speaker and guest panelist at universities, non-profits, and other organizations around the world, talking about American elections, women and politics, and the American legal system.

Over a dozen years ago, Barb started the evening MBA program at Georgetown University. While she did not finish the program, she loved the people she met, and it inspired her to start her own business, all while being a full-time professor in Washington, DC. With the support and encouragement of a close friend who had launched her own company after working in public education, Barb created Professor P Enterprises, LLC, which is dedicated to creating and communicating the highest quality academic content that is fun for students, the public, and the media. Applawz is one of its services.

When Barb graduated from college, she had no idea what she wanted to do, so she continued her education and just kept going, which actually turned out really well because now she has a job she loves, teaching and learning new things all the time. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation, with original data she created from over 600 Supreme Court cases, explored how justices redefined the issues and questions presented from the submission of attorney’s briefs to the final announcement of the Court’s decision. In 2018, she was recognized with the Department of Political Science Distinguished Alum Award.

When she was nine, she wanted to be a Rockette.

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