In the spring of 2019, Professor Palmer took some of her students out for a dinner of plantains and pulled pork, and they talked about the law school application process. Some of the students were applying to top 20 law schools all across the country, while some were excited about law schools in their home towns. They all had different goals, but there was one thing they all agreed on: applying to law school was stressful and took a tremendous amount of time and money. There was so much to think about and plan. And the process was an emotional roller coaster.

Applawz was inspired by that conversation. Professor Palmer wanted to create something to help students manage the law school application process, but she also realized that they needed more than that. They needed a little encouragement along the way. They needed applause.

Image of Dr. Barbara Palmer

Professor P Enterprises is an educational consulting firm dedicated to communicating academic work in a way that is engaging and fun to students, the public, and the media.


Applawz was created by Dr. Barbara Palmer, a university professor with 10 years of experience as a Pre-Law Advisor who has worked with hundreds of students interested in going to law school. She teaches courses on American politics, women and politics, constitutional law, and civil rights and liberties.

When she was nine, she wanted to be a Rockette. When she graduated from college, she had no idea what she wanted to do, so she went to graduate school and kept going until she got a PhD, which actually turned out really well because now she has a job she loves teaching and learning new things all the time.